50 Amazing College World Series Memories

Editor/Collegiate Baseball

OMAHA, Neb. — Since there is no College World Series this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, Collegiate Baseball thought it would be a good idea to remind people what a remarkable event this tournament is.

So we present the 50 greatest memories in CWS history.

1. Most Dramatic Moment To End Game: With two outs in the bottom of the ninth in the 1996 College World Series championship game, Miami (Fla.) was on the cusp of winning the national title over Louisiana St. with 1-run lead.

With one runner on, LSU’s Warren Morris stepped to the plate.

He did not play for 39 games due to a fractured hamate bone in his right wrist and only came back to the starting lineup in the South II Regional.

He had not hit a home run all season long.

With one runner on, he hit the only walk-off homer to win a College World Series in history as it barely cleared the right field wall as LSU pulled off a 9-8 win in the national title game.

2. Greatest Championship Game: Southern California and Florida State played the greatest College World Series championship game in history.

The Trojans beat the Seminoles, 2-1 in 15 innings.

To reach the title game, USC had to beat Texas in 14 innings, 8-7 two days prior.

In USC’s final two games of that Series, the Trojans navigated 29 innings of pressure packed baseball over three days to win its sixth national title.

What made the achievement even more amazing is that USC pitcher Jim Barr worked 16 innings over those three days for the Trojans.

3. Greatest Program In CWS History: Southern California has won the most national baseball titles of any NCAA Division I program with 12.

No other program has won more than six national titles, and only two have done it in LSU and Texas.

At one point, the Trojans won five consecutive championships from 1970-74.

Legendary Coach Rod Dedeaux was at the helm of USC for 11 of those championships while Mike Gillespie led the Trojans to their final title in 1998.

It is highly unlikely any other program will ever win 12 national titles.

4. Amazing Comeback: The greatest ninth inning comeback in College World Series history took place in 1973.

Minnesota held a 7-0 lead heading into the bottom of the ninth against Southern California. The Trojans scored eight runs to beat Minnesota.

Dave Winfield was pitching for the Golden Gophers on this day and held the Trojans to only a weak infield single heading into the final frame.

It should be noted Winfield struck out 15 USC batters heading into the ninth.

According to USC’s Dedeaux, the turning point actually came with Minnesota batting in the top of the ninth.

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