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• Inside A Sniper’s Mind: David Amerland interviews over 100 snipers from different armed forces across the world and uncovers important information that will help baseball players.

• 15 Homers In 1 Game: In one of the wildest offensive games in college baseball history, Hutchinson C.C. beats North Iowa Area C.C., 28-24 in a game for the ages.

• Baseball’s Rare Pilot: Bradley pitcher Mitch Janssen became a pilot at the age of 17 and is the youngest pilot in the world certified to fly the Phenom 100 multi-engine jet.

• Rarest Of Outcomes: Chapman pitchers throw no-hitter backed by 8 hits but end up on losing end to Whittier.

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Florida No. 1 In Latest CB Poll

Florida (32-6) is ranked No. 1 in Collegiate Baseball’s NCAA Div. I baseball poll presented by Big League Chew bubble gum.

The Gators, winners of 13 of their last 14, are on top of the Collegiate Baseball poll for the fifth time this season. Last week Florida won three straight at home against Missouri and a mid-week game against Florida St. The Gators have now won 8 games in a row against the Seminoles and 13 of the last 14.

Florida has belted 57 home runs in 38 games and 151 extra base hits as the Gators are averaging 7.5 runs per game. The pitching staff has a 2.96 ERA with 340 strikeouts and 113 walks.

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Incredible Performances Across USA

One hitter belted 5 home runs, a pitcher fired a no-hitter, another struck out 14 batters over 7 innings, one hitter delivered 4 home runs in one game while a pitcher fanned 16 batters over 7 innings, plus more.

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Lake Travis No. 1 In H.S. Poll

Lake Travis H.S. (Austin, TX) remains No. 1 in Collegiate Baseball’s National High School Poll with a perfect 21-0 record.

The Cavaliers continue to roll through their schedule led by an outstanding pitching staff that boasts a microscopic 0.97 team ERA.

Leading the staff is Blake Helton (5-0, 0.41 ERA, 24 K, 7 BB, 34 IP), Jimmy Lewis (3-0, 1.18 ERA, 22 K, 6 BB, 23.2 IP) and Harrison Babbitt (4-0, 0.73 ERA, 13 K, 5 BB, 19 IP).

The Cavaliers feature a .320 batting average which is led by CF Carlos Contreras (.436, 6 2B, 3 3B, 1 HR, 20 RBI).

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2018 Collegiate Baseball All-Americans

The 2018 Collegiate Baseball Pre-Season All-Americans feature a remarkable mix of talented NCAA Division I baseball players across the USA.

The first team All-Americans include five starting pitchers who struck out over 100 batters each last season. LHP/DH Tyler Holton of Florida St. led all first teamers with 144 strikeouts. He is expected to be a first round pick in the MLB Draft next June with a good season.

OF Seth Beer of Clemson is projected as the Player of The Year by Collegiate Baseball in 2018. Two seasons ago as a freshman, he was the Atlantic Coast Conference Player of The Year. Last season, he hit 16 homers with 17 doubles and 53 RBI. He also is expected to be a first round pick in the MLB Draft.

The first team closers include Michael Byrne of Florida and Kenyon Yovan of Oregon. They posted a combined 34 saves with 129 strikeouts, 21 walks and a 1.80 ERA.

On offense, OF Niko Hulsizer of Morehead St. put up staggering numbers with 27 homers, 21 doubles and 82 RBI to lead first team All-Americans.

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Understanding GPS Can Help You Hit A Curve

Our brains track moving objects by applying one of the algorithms your phone’s GPS uses, according to researchers at the University of Rochester. This same algorithm also explains why we are fooled by several motion-related optical illusions, including the sudden “break” of baseball’s well known “curveball illusion.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Special Q&A With Virginia’s Brian O’Connor

Brian O'Connor Mug NZ3T5660 NewVirginia Head Coach Brian O’Connor and his coaching staff orchestrated one of the most amazing comebacks in college baseball history in 2015.

O’Connor led the Cavaliers to their first national baseball championship at the College World Series.

Due to injuries, Virginia lost 8 of 11 games at one point. They suffered through 4 losses in a row twice and 3 in a row 3 times.

Because of the injury epidemic, Virginia trotted out 31 different starting lineups over a 61-game span, and Cavalier position players combined to miss 146 games last season.

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Stotz Explains His Recruiting Techniques

Dean Stotz Stanford PortraitPossibly the greatest recruiter in college baseball history was Dean Stotz of Stanford.

He retired after the 2013 season and was Mark Marquess’ top lieutenant for 37 seasons with the Cardinal. His ability to evaluate and recruit players was second to none.

In this article, Stotz explains for the first time what his secrets were to churning out numerous top 10 recruiting classes over the years that allowed Stanford to win two national titles

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Resilience A Must In Baseball, Military

Ken Ravizza ActionWhen it comes to winning any type of championship, survival is the operative word. How teams handle trying times during the season determine their fate.

One of the top sports psychologists in the world is Ken Ravizza, and he explains how crucial it is to be resilient not only in baseball but the military and how this leads to better performances.

Both have much more in common than you realize.

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20 Great Ways To Use Cell Phones In Coaching

1034567Since the mid-1980s, cell phones have been widely available to the public.

As they have become more sophisticated over the years, they have turned into miniature computers called smartphones that have numerous software functions, e-mail capability and internet browser functions that have become an indispensible tool for coaches.

For the first time, Collegiate Baseball is exploring many of the technological advantages coaches can gain with smartphones.

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Schreiber Discovers Breakthrough Technique

Cell Phone Video (Use)One of the most creative uses of cell phones is being utilized at Alvin Community College. Jason Schreiber, assistant baseball coach at Alvin Community College (Alvin, Tex.), listened intently to a lecturer speak at a convention.

“That person said that we retain 10 percent of what we hear, 50 percent of what we do and 90 percent of what we teach someone else,” said Schreiber.

“A light went on in my head when I heard that. I was fascinated with the 90 percent figure. I wondered if my players might be able to teach me about certain baseball concepts they were having trouble with on the field which would allow them to learn concepts more efficiently. The big problem was that there was not enough time in practice to have my guys teach.

“Then it hit me that my guys could teach me concepts they were having trouble with via the video capability on their cell phones. Every kid has a cell phone with video capability.

“What I discovered was remarkable. Not only did I know for certain my players understood what we were teaching through these videos they made. I learned kids today take great pride in the videos they produce — so much so a player’s sense of urgency goes up dramatically when you have them teach a skill they do not perform well. Often the result is that player finally understands the concept and performs better on the field.”

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Iowa Western’s Incredible Coaching Wizard 

Marc Rardin Iowa WesternOne of the most incredible stories in college baseball history is unfolding at Iowa Western Community College.

Located in Council Bluffs, Iowa near Omaha, this school has accomplished what many thought was impossible — three NJCAA Division I national championships over the last five seasons all under an amazing coach named Marc Rardin.

In the 57-year-history of the NJCAA World Series, Iowa Western is the only Iowa junior college ever to win this prestigious event and the first Northern District representative to win it all.

In 12 seasons at Iowa Western, Rardin has led the Reivers to eight NJCAA World Series, won 10 consecutive regional titles and eight Northern District titles. Consider the tremendous challenges his teams face every season.

Many high profile NJCAA Division I baseball programs offer 24 full ride scholarships for baseball. His program has the equivalent of 10 full rides.

No player in the last 12 years has been given a full ride, and typically he gives out 1/2 scholarships to his athletes. All outdoor activity stops for 3-plus months from mid-November through February as practices take place indoors because of bone chilling weather.

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SPECIAL REPORT: Cardinals’ Potent Running Game

Louisville Baseball HeadshotsThe University of Louisville has put up staggering stolen base numbers over the past eight years under Head Coach Dan McDonnell.

During the past two seasons, the Cardinals have stolen 150 bases (second nationally) in 2013 and 133 in 2014 (second nationally). In his first year with Louisville in 2007, his ball club swiped 153 bases (second nationally).

In six of the eight years, his teams have pilfered at least 89 bases. His tough-minded teams also refuse to allow pitchers to throw inside as his batters have been hit 100 or more times in five of the eight years and ranked first nationally in 2013 with 129 hit by pitches, second in 2012 with 115 HBP and sixth last season with 109 HBP.

Having more men on base and stealing efficiently allows his teams to have more runners in scoring position which has allowed Louisville to score over 400 runs seven of the eight years he has been with the Cardinals.

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U.C. Irvine’s Gillespie Explains How To Stop Stealers

Mike Gillespie Mug UC IrvineWith the home run becoming increasingly rare in college baseball, the running game on offense is more important than ever.

In 2010, the year prior to BBCOR bats being mandated for use by college programs, NCAA Division I programs averaged 0.94 home runs per game, according to the annual statistics’ trends compiled by the Association.

In 2011, that average dropped nearly in half to 0.52 with the new bats in use. The last two years, Division I teams have averaged 0.42 home runs per game in 2013 and 0.39 in 2014 — the lowest home run numbers in over 40 years.

Programs which are adept at stopping the running game of opponents have a big advantage when it comes to winning in today’s game.

Few coaches in college baseball have the track record that U.C. Irvine Head Coach Mike Gillespie has when it comes to shutting down base stealers.

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