July 10, 2020 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

• Protocol To Keep Game Safe: Experts in medicine give important road map for keeping baseball safe for players and coaches. 

San Jacinto’s Remarkable Pitching Factory: Year after year, Pitching Coach Woody Williams builds extraordinary men, refined hurlers.

Editorial: Needed relief coming to NCAA Division I programs in the form of squad sizes and scholarships for 2021 season.

• Around The Horn With Lou Pavlovich: Miami’s Charlton Jimerson, MVP of the 2001 College World Series, faced brutal childhood when he grew up in Hayward, Calif. as mom was addicted to crack and left him on the street, arcades and fast food restaurants, among other places, to fend for himself.

Trojans’ Oscar Brown Dead At 74: Led Southern California to 1966 College World Series and played 13 years in Major Leagues.

• Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Wild situations in baseball explained which include four outs in an inning and even five outs.

2 Pages Of College World Series Photos From The PastSpecial championship celebrations featured along with great action shots and emotion.

• Question & Answer With CB’s National Coach Of The Year Mike Bianco: Ole Miss skipper explains how he developed his remarkable system which features different high tech tools and the impact Hall of Fame LSU Coach Skip Bertman had on his career.

Wild Characters Grace College World Series: Wichita State’s Jamie Bluma enjoyed carrying around a large plastic grasshopper with a baby’s head on top and one time on a dare licked a bug off the grill of the team bus, plus stories on other unusual players.

Toughest Players In College World Series History: Playing with broken bones was no problem for South Carolina’s Christian Walker and Wichita State’s Bryant Winslow. Read about what they did during the 1989 and 2011 College World Series.

Book ReviewsTwo exceptional books hit the market in Coaching Champions For Life and Takeaway Quotes From Coaching Champions For Life from author Adam Sarancik.

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