May 15, 2020 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

SPECIAL REPORT: Tommy John Surgery Still At Epidemic Levels: Important reasons exist why numerous surgeries are being performed on every level of baseball. 

SPECIAL REPORT: How To Minimize Tommy John Surgeries: Researchers should closely study world class pitching coaches Don Rowe (Milwaukee Brewers), Tom Dunton (Stanford) as well as Johnny Sain and Leo Mazzone (Atlanta Braves) who rarely had pitchers go down with injuries.

• Alcohol Nearly Destroys Louisiana’s Matt Deggs:
A broken man, he wanted to die and didn’t know how to stop drinking problem. He was forced out of baseball for 430 excruciating days before he was given another chance.

• Editorial: NCAA Makes Prudent Decision For Athletes: NCAA Board of Governors support rule changes to allow athletes to receive compensation for third party endorsements, both related to and separate from athletics.

Infield Fly Rule Must Be Revised In Game: Rob Nelson gives a number of compelling reasons why this rule must be adjusted to help baseball.

• Bat Testing Now On Hold For NCAA Divisions 2 & 3: NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approves delaying rules changes in baseball to mitigate the financial impact of athletics’ budgets in the wake of the cornavirus pandemic.

Sinclair Community College Suspends All Sports For 2020-21 Adademic YearAdministrators seriously hurt Steve Dintaman’s national baseball powerhouse who has led the Tartan Pride to the second most wins in the nation over the past six years.

Gary Ward Column: Full explanation given on why brain is so crucial to performance and how to gain the most out of it in baseball.

Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Important explanation given on what ‘Intervening Play’ is in baseball rules.

High School Baseball: Sam Blalock, one of the greatest coaches in history at Rancho Bernardo High School (San Diego, Calif.) blazed an incredible trail. Read about his complete system.

• The Amazing John Scolinos: In our continuing look at the greatest baseball coaches in college baseball history, we look at the powerful teaching skills of the late John Scolinos and what terminology he used to get his thoughts and ideas across.

• Jack Dunn Column: Here is a fantastic defensive battle plan to prepare for bunts with runners on first and second complete with graphics.

Cape Cod League Cancels Season: Vast majority of summer leagues taking wait and see approach before playing or canceling summer season.

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