Oct 1, 2021 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

If Defense Wins Titles, Let’s Study What Mississippi State Did: Four Bulldog coaches (Chris Lemonis, Jake Gautreau, Kyle Cheesebrough and Scott Foxhall) explain how they teach all phases of defense which resulted in no errors in 7 straight College World Series games.

Almost 50% Of Marriages Fail, But What About Baseball Coaches?: Special Collegiate Baseball research study shows surprisingly high number of married coaches stay hitched for many years.

• Retreats Utilized In Alabama: Barry Dean helps coaches learn how to sustain long marriages.

If Divorce Is On Horizon, Read This Important Book: Common sense approach goes through process without losing kids, money and your mind written by attorney Raiford Palmer. 

NCAA Div. I Top 50 Recruiting Rundown: UCLA lands No. 1 class with impressive haul of 20 newcomers featuring 16 freshmen. See who the other teams are on the list.

Why Do Hitters Struggle?: Ever wonder why elite hitters of past hit for average and power? Jaime Cevallos explains with some compelling arguments.

ABCA High School All-Americans For 2021: Three All-American teams listed along with Gold Glove winners.

Editorial: Hustle is lacking in game, and Jim Schlossnagle of Texas A&M has the answer to make baseball more fun to watch with quicker games.

• Lou Pavlovich Column: Robert Smith, who orchestrated baseball being an official Olympic gold medal sport in 1992, dies at age 85. Here is who this incredible man was.

Tom Kovic Column: Helpful recruiting tips allow players to have an organizational game plan.

Upcoming Coaching Clinics Across USA: Eleven events scheduled which will improve knowledge about game. 

• Jerry Weinstein Column: Video analysis vital in evaluating player skills.

• Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Make sure players know detached equipment rule to prevent big problem in games.

• Arriving At Ideal Pitch Mix Is Crucial For Pitchers: Important rundown on numerous areas to address will allow teams to have a better plan of attack against opponent hitters.

Jim Schlossnagle Column: Clinic Chairman of 2022 ABCA Chicago Convention delves into all the different speakers which will be on tap at the Jan. 6-9 Convention and other great reasons to attend. 

Adam Sarancik Column: Mental approach to coaching is extremely important to consider.

Superb Products For Baseball: Here is rundown on exciting goods that every baseball player and coach will want to take a look at.

Time Management: Ryan Brownlee delves into fascinating Excel spreadsheet that can easily be used for every player on a team to organize their days.

Charlie Greene Column: Change up practices so they are never boring.

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