Oct. 2, 2020 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

• Lethal Righthanded Pickoff Plan: Mike Maack, the greatest mind at designing pickoff sequences, explains how to nab runners at first, second and third base. 

• Outstanding Coronavirus Battle Plan: Iowa High School Athletic Association puts together amazing protocol plan to keep players and coaches safe during past summer and is perfect model for high schools, colleges across USA.

NCAA Division I Recruiting Results: Miami (Fla.) No. 1 for the first time in 27 years and fourth time in history as Hurricanes land star-studded class of 23 newcomers. 

Devastating Hurricane: Barbe High School’s $3 million baseball complex damaged with 158 MPH winds. One of light towers was picked up by intense gusts and blown on top of a roof 300 yards away.

• Gary Ward On How Body Sensations Work: It takes 43,000th of a second for velocity, trajectory of a pitched ball to arrive at visual cortex of brain, plus much more.

Historic Trip For Pete Caliendo: Talented instructor is first USA coach to be invited in Cuba to instruct elite coaches in this country.

• $9.4 Million Project Finished At Cal Poly: New clubhouse spanning 10,679 square feet over two floors is ready for all to enjoy.

Editorial: It’s time to make pine tar and other foreign substances legal for pitchers for a number of valid reasons.

Lou Pavlovich, Jr. Column: Ethics in baseball can be obvious and complex at other times.

Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Fascinating rules’ questions are answered that will make you think twice about unique situations.

Book ReviewBullpen Secrets, written by Andy Powers, features a wealth of great information.

Tom Kovic: Recruiters are always searching for trio of key player components.

Upcoming Clinics Scheduled Across USA: Because of COVID-19, many coaching clinics will have a virtual look this winter. However, there are plenty of terrific speakers lined up.

18 New NCAA Rules Officially Approved: NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel endorses 18 rules that will be utilized across college baseball next season.

Superb Products, Events: Collegiate Baseball has a special rundown on fantastic products that any coach would love to have along with special events.

Rick Hitt Column: 2021 American Baseball Coaches Association virtual convention has a number of great speakers lined up, plus the Expo Theater, post-clinic Q&As, Hot Stove presentations along with virtual networking opportunities, video meetings and hundreds of exhibitors who will showcase their new products and innovations.

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