Our History

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Collegiate Baseball newspaper is a tabloid publication based in Tucson, Arizona that is dedicated to covering college and high school baseball nationwide. The publication was established in 1957 and is published twice a month from January to May and once in June, July, September and October (14 issues total).

The Collegiate Baseball NCAA Division I poll is college sports’ oldest baseball poll. Aside from the Division 1 poll, Collegiate Baseball carries the polls for NCAA Divisions II & III, NAIA, the NJCAA divisions and California & Pacific Association divisions. In 1984, the publication started the first national high school poll.

The newspaper offers stories about college and high school coaches and players, instructional information from some of the top baseball coaches, information on new products for baseball, college divisional notes highlighting achievements or interesting games throughout the season, a Q&A with an important figure in amateur baseball and more. Each year, the July issue features several pages of action photos of the NCAA Division I College World Series taken by Editor Lou Pavlovich Jr.

Collegiate Baseball was born when a group of college coaches in the American Association of College Baseball Coaches (now known as the American Baseball Coaches Association) got together to decide how best to promote the college game. When national sports publications at the time didn’t seem interested in college baseball, the coaches, led by legendary University of Arizona coach Pop McKale, approached Abe Chanin, then sports editor of the Arizona Daily Star, about starting their own publication. Chanin became the first publisher and served from 1957 to 1970.

Since 1971, the publication has been owned by the Pavlovich family. Lou Pavlovich, Sr. served as the publisher from 1971 until his death on October 15, 2010. The current publisher-editor is Lou Pavlovich, Jr.

Collegiate Baseball began with a mission to give baseball coaches a national voice and to benefit the game and association in many areas. Over the years, college and high school baseball has grown substantially. The NCAA Division I College World Series in Omaha, Neb. is one of the most popular championship events hosted by the NCAA.

Throughout the years, Collegiate Baseball has documented the growth and changes of the sport of baseball and offered instructional information to baseball coaches and players at all levels of the game as well as publicize their achievements.

The newspaper also is involved in several awards on the college and high school levels, including Division I Player of the Year, Division I Freshman of the Year, the Louisville Slugger All-Americans (college and high school), and Pitching Coach of the Year (college). The newspaper also publishes other awards presented by the ABCA to college and high school coaches and players throughout the year.