April 21, 2017 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

• Special Report: Full-throttle hustle pays off big for Vanderbilt under head coach Tim Corbin.

• Ultimate Petal-To-The-Metal-Coach: Iowa Western’s Marc Rardin firmly believes every player must hustle because it takes no talent to go all out every play.

• Brian Cain: Those who compete at elite level have laser-like preparation. 

• Editorial: Hustle should always be fiber of baseball.

• Lou Pavlovich: Pounding boulders taught Riverside City College Coach Rudy Arguelles plenty about life.

• Geoff Zahn: Cornerstone of great pitching is preparing to win.

• Ruleball With Rich Marazzi:  Who has right of way when fielder, runner collide?

• NCAA Division 3 Notes: Caltech finally ends 29-year winless streak in conference action, plus much more.  

Collegiate Baseball’s NCAA Division I Poll Presented By Big League Chew: Oregon St. No. 1 with 28-1 record and 23 consecutive victories.

Collegiate Baseball’s National Players of The Week: Mississippi State’s Brent Rooker belts 6 home runs with 13 RBI over 5 games, plus other amazing achievements.

• NCAA Division I Notes: Stanford’s Mark Marquess hits 1,600 career win plateau, plus much more.

Junior College NotesSouth Mountain C.C. steals 173 bases over 42 games led by Ian Raidy with 38, plus much more.

• Al Morris: There will be a day when 50 percent of batters will be switch hitters.

• Danger Lurks On Ball Fields For Coaches: Hazardous chemicals must be carefully monitored on fields when you consider the use of fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides.

• Special Feature: Head Coach Tom Donald of Buchanan High School (Clovis, Calif.) has a remarkable program that features 7 assistant varsity coaches and much more.

• High School Notes: Orange Lutheran wins National High School Invitational over amazing field, plus much more.

Collegiate Baseball’s National High School Top 30: Buchanan H.S. rolls to perfect 17-0 record as they rank No. 1 in the nation.

• Jack Dunn: ABC’s of the hot corner explained in-depth by veteran skipper.

• NAIA Notes: Tennessee Wesleyan’s Ford mows down 18 batters, plus much more.

• NCAA Division 2 Notes: Head Coach Mike Metheny of Southeastern Oklahoma is now the winningest coach in NCAA Division 2 history with 1,315 victories, plus much more.

• Top New Products: Superb, new items worth taking a close look at.

• Challenge Of Teaching: Tony Abbatine explains how a primary modality test can allow coaches to see how players learn so they can design productive practices for all players.

• Charlie Greene: Playing the sun can cause fits for fielders.

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