April 4, 2014 Edition

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• Clint Wilson of Marshall University suffers paralysis from the neck down after wrestling accident and comes back to eventually play baseball.

• Should baseball be played during winter? West Virginia Head Coach Randy Mazey writes in-depth analysis of why college baseball should be played in warm weather.

• Dan Blewett explains all aspects of Tommy John surgery and gives sage advice after undergoing procedure twice.

• Editorial: It’s time to make head protection mandatory for pitchers in baseball games.

• Lou Pavlovich column: Is age discrimination taking place now in game?

• Charlie Greene: Well thought out practice for pitchers pays off big.

NCAA Division I Notes: Nevada-Hawaii contest features rare statistics which includes only 1 batter over minimum, 0 combined runners left on base.

• Louisville Slugger National Players of The Week.

High School Notes: Rundown of top high school tournaments across USA.

H.S. National Top 30: Harvard-Westlake (Studio City, Calif.) ranked No. 1 with 8-0 record.

NAIA Notes: Oklahoma City RHP Chris Pike follows perfect game with no-hitter. Doesn’t allow a hit over 17 innings.

NCAA Division 3 Notes: Johns Hopkins Coach Bob Babb becomes 9th NCAA Division 3 coach to reach 1,000 wins.

• NCAA Division 2 Notes: Tampa’s Giovanny Alfonzo hits inside-the-park home run.

• Caltech posts win after 47 straight losses.

Ruleball with Rich Marazzi: Deflected ball situations are discussed in detail.

• Geoff Zahn explains how to upset hitters’ timing with key techniques..

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