From USC Superstar To Secret Service

Bill Bordley Slider Photo Photo by Melanie BurfordBy LOU PAVLOVICH, JR.
Editor/Collegiate Baseball
(From Jan. 3, 2014 Edition)

LOS ANGELES — Bill Bordley is one of those unique individuals who should have a motion picture made of his life.

He not only was of the greatest pitchers in college baseball history at the University of Southern California.

But he then became a Secret Service agent for the U.S. government as he protected Presidents and now serves as Major League Baseball’s Vice President of Security & Facility Management. He is responsible for directing all of the league’s security and facility management policies, procedures and programs.

Bordley’s story begins as a high profile prospect in high school with a rocket for an arm.

He started gaining national attention as a junior at Bishop Montgomery H.S. (Torrance, Calif.) in 1975 as he posted a 16-1 record with 14 complete games. He struck out 176 batters in 115 2/3 innings.

He was a can’t miss prospect who was coveted by professional baseball scouts because of a 95 mph fastball.

Within the Secret Service, he worked in conjunction with law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide on counterfeit situations that took him to 85 countries.

Bordley also worked on death threat cases and even interviewed Charles Manson who made threats from prison.

In some capacity, he worked for every president from Ronald Reagan to the current Barack Obama administration and was extremely close to the Clinton family as he was on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s detail. He also was assigned to Chelsea Clinton’s detail when she attended Stanford University.

He once testified as a witness for prosecutor Kenneth Starr on the relationship President Clinton had with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

According to The Starr Report, which was submitted to Congress and later published as a book, Bordley said he stopped Lewinsky outside the Oval office in late 1995 or early 1996 because she did not have her pass.

President Clinton opened the Oval office door, indicated to Agent Bordley that Lewinsky’s presence was all right, and ushered her into the office. Bordley saw Lewinsky leave about a half an hour later. That was the extent of his testimony on their relationship. But the sexual affair nearly destroyed the Clinton presidency.

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