Cell Phone Batteries Of Future Will Be Amazing

Editor/Collegiate Baseball

LOS ANGELES — Cell phones have become more sophisticated over the years and are now miniature computers that feature numerous software functions, impressive video and e-mail capability along with internet browser functions that have become an indispensable tool for coaches.

While technology keeps evolving, one of the nagging problems has been the battery life of these phones which requires daily charging if they are in constant use.

Good news is on the horizon.

Energy & Environmental Science has reported that the lithium-ion battery, used in virtually every cell phone, laptop and notebook computer today, will be fueled by a new battery in the years to come.

John Goodenough, 94-year-old inventor of the lithium-ion battery, has developed a new battery formula that will hold three times more energy than the lithium-ion.

It will replace the liquid electrolyte with glass, will charge quickly, never explode and perform well at low temperatures — all great advancements for technology that run on batteries.

Another reason for the excitement is that the new battery will replace lithium with sodium as a key material which is easily extracted from seawater. So the new battery could be cheaper to make than today’s lithium-ion.

This battery is still in the early stages of development. But when it rolls out, life for heavy cell phone and laptop users, such as coaches, will be changed dramatically.

Steve Goody, CEO and co-founder of Pocket Radar, said there is tremendous work being done on new batteries which will some day in the not too distant future double and triple the battery capacity. Work is also being done to make the battery capacity 10 times greater which will allow technology to shoot through the roof.

“The issue is that you can build one battery for $1,000,” said Goody.

“But to scale it down for use in cell phones and other uses at a reliable, low cost which doesn’t catch on fire is another hurdle to complete. There is no doubt in the next decade that amazing changes in car batteries, phones and devices will take place.

“This is fabulous news for baseball. You will undoubtedly see technology companies work together to integrate different technologies as well which will give consumers more sophisticated tools at their fingertips.

“I have been involved in designing electronic gadgets since 1981. The amount I could do years ago compared to now is night and day because the tools have gotten better. What you can engineer now are breakthrough products.

“Sports are emerging with smart phones with fabulous video capability, voice recording and all that stuff. But there are also specialty products that are popping up all over the place.”

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