Feb. 12, 2016 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?Feb 12 2016 Page 1

• 300 Pounds Of Remarkable Ability: Ben Ancheff nearly dies at birth but becomes 7-time all-state athlete in football, baseball, wrestling.

• Vision, Pitching Command: Expert archer has a system that could change path of pitching.

• Editorial:  Huge rise in ejections can be slowed easily.

• John Herbold Column:  Disciplining players will always start arguments with coaches.

• Ruleball With Rich Marazzi:  Is the runner always out when he is struck by a batted ball?

• Jack Dunn Column: Ball game sponsor program is easy way to raise money for teams.

• Special Report By Jim Meier:  Baseball personality profile can help teams thrive mentally.

• More Optimal Experiences In Baseball: Peak performance strategies studied by experts.

Commentary by Geoff Zahn: Will to win absolutely essential for successful pitchers on mound.

Mike Epstein Column: Overcoaching with hitting can be a massive problem in baseball.

• Special Report: Peter Fadde gives in-depth analysis of how pitch recognition can be achieved.

• Role Of The Coach: Justin Dehmer explains what precisely a skipper should do in his important role.

• Maintaining Focus On College Search: Tom Kovic presents 5 simple tips that will help athletes in the tactical quest to find a school.

• Other Top High School Players From California: Iran Novick presents his annual list of remarkable athletes from this baseball-rich state.

• Wins 10th Power Showcase: Justin Farmer of Riverview H.S. (Fla.) captures this prestigious event.

• Special Report: Al Figone gives an in-depth look at the anatomy of the take out slide and why it is dangerous.

• College Notes: San Jacinto College (Tex.) pitchers Montana Parsons and Colten Schmidt fire perfect game and no-hitter over first weekend of baseball season.

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