Feb. 20, 2015 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?Feb 20 2015 Page 1

Special Report: Weight training may be reason behind many pitching injuries that result in Tommy John surgery.

Feature On A Legend: Texas skipper Augie Garrido grew up in a boot-tough ship yard town before embarking on a remarkable coaching career in baseball .

Todd Oakes: Velocity improvement programs spread like wildfire across baseball while many key areas take a back seat.

• Charlie Greene: Teachable moments can take place at any time in baseball?

• USA’s Top Closer UCLA’s David Berg has appeared in 132 games and only blown 3 saves during an amazing college career.

Editorial: Pitching command is terrible in baseball as professional pitchers only hit their target 24 percent of time in 2014.

• College Notes: Top achievements across nation featured, including walk-off grand slam, milestones for coaches.

• Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Appeal plays are filled with unexpected consequences if you are not well prepared for anything that might happen during a game.

Q&A With Louisville Coach Dan McDonnell: Al Figone asks him questions about sliding techniques.

More Elite High School Teams For 2015: Collegiate Baseball examines additional powerhouse teams across USA.

Brian Cain Column: Here’s how you build great team chemistry with baseball teams (First of a 3-part series).

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