Feb. 21, 2020 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

• Torkelson May Go From No Draft To No. 1: After only hitting 11 home runs in 110 varsity games in high school, Sun Devil star belts 48 in 2 seasons with Arizona State. 

• Iowa Ace Constructs Murals With Special Cubes: It typically takes 10 hours to design and build each portrait as he constructs each one with great care.

• Ethics Meltdown In Baseball:
For some coaches, using any and all tactics to win games is more important than anything.

• Baseball Rules On Technology: Rich Marazzi explains how you can get into big trouble using electronics to steal signs.

• Secrets To Coaching: Best baseball skippers in history had important qualities. In part 1 of a 3-part series, we delve into the coaching and teaching expertise of Gordon Gillespie who won 2,402 games in 4 sports.

• Editorial: Testing for illegal bats will stop all cheaters this season in NCAA Div. I.

• NJCAA Announces Hall Of Fame Class: Four amazing coaches will be inducted in Ken Campbell (Walters St.), Scott Crampton (Lamar, CO), Rick Hitt (South Florida St.) and Charles O’Brien (Cecil, MD).

• Lou Pavlovich Column: Princeton star Moe Berg turned into remarkable U.S. spy.

• College Notes: Cal. Poly receives $1 million gift from Bill Hoffman, Colorado Mesa has the most wins of any NCAA Division II team in past decade, plus much more.

• Tom Kovic: College coaches identify 3 vital evaluation operatives in recruiting.

• High School Notes: More elite high school teams features across USA.

• How Do You Get Through To Players?: Tony Abbatine explains his primary modality test that shows if athletes are voice, touch or written word learners.

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