Feb. 7, 2020 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

• Greatest Pitch Picker In History Tells All: Nobody in college or pro baseball history was better at discovering what pitches were coming than Rob Klein as he explains how he did it. 

• Comeback Player Of 2019: After nearly dying, Clay Engel puts up huge numbers during 2019 season after going through rehabilitation hell.

• Tactics To Stay Away From Flu:
Physician explains what steps must be taken so entire teams don’t come down with it.

• Special Fund Raising Project: Barbe High School’s Glenn Cecchini takes on colossal task of bringing in $411,200 this season.

• Gary Ward’s Hitting Thoughts: Fascinating issues are brought forward from this Hall of Fame master teacher of hitting.

• Editorial: The total number of ejections in NCAA Div. I, II and III baseball has continued to increase for five straight years. Collegiate Baseball explains how the ejection total can be cut dramatically.

• John Altobelli Dies In Helicopter Crash: Orange Coast College suffers incredible loss when longtime skipper, his wife Keri and youngest daughter Alyssa died in same trip that killed NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

• More Top California High School Players: Iran Novick presents his annual list of players to watch.

• Upcoming High School Tournaments: National H.S. Invitational and International Paper Baseball Classic are two big tournaments to keep your eyes on.

• Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Knowing rights, restrictions of hitters is important.

• 100-Inning Game Can Be Fabulous Fundraiser: Rob Nelson explains all the details on how to pull this off and earn money for your program.

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