Kris Bryant Named National Player Of Year

Collegiate Baseball National Player of Year Kris BryantBy LOU PAVLOVICH, JR.
Editor/Collegiate Baseball
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SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Kris Bryant hit more home runs than 223 out of 298 teams in NCAA Division I during the 2013 season as he belted 31 circuit clouts in 58 games.

The 6-foot-5, 215-pound third baseman from the University of San Diego, Collegiate Baseball’s National Player of The Year, is tied for the 16th highest single season home run total in Division I history.

He led NCAA Division I players in eight offensive categories during the 2013 season, including:

• Total home runs: 31
• Home runs per game: 0.53
• Runs: 78
• Runs Per Game: 1.34
• Slugging Percentage: .860
• Total Bases: 185
• Walks: 62
• Walks Per Game: 1.07

Bryant has accomplished these staggering numbers with the new BBCOR bats that have reduced offenses across all of college baseball since they were introduced for the 2011 season.

Bernie Wilson of the Associated Press wrote a story recently which mentioned that if Bryant had used the higher performing BESR certified aluminum bats of the past that allowed Pete Incaviglia of Oklahoma State to hit a record 48 homers over 75 games in 1985, Bryant may have delivered 68 homers in 75 games.

San Diego statistician Mark Kramer crunched the numbers which were acted on by a theory from USD broadcaster Jack Murray.

Bryant put up numbers so astronomical that he eclipsed San Diego’s single-season home run record by 13. He also owns the career record of 54 set in three seasons. The old standard of 43 was set over four seasons.

San Diego Head Coach Rich Hill simply could not believe what Bryant did in 2013.

“Adjectives don’t describe what Kris has done this season,” said Hill.

“Teams weren’t pitching to him, so we started having him hit in the leadoff spot in the batting order. Then teams had to pitch to him at least once a game.

“Kris very rarely hit a home run with one of our guys on base because nobody would pitch to him. That makes his season total of 31 home runs even more remarkable. He also had over 60 walks this season. When you look at the amount of homers, his on-base percentage and many other stats, it was a season that won’t be forgotten in a long time.

“Frankly, I don’t know if a player has ever had an offensive season like this in college baseball history when you consider the BBCOR bats being used.”

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