March 21, 2014 Edition

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The Art Of Getting Hit By Pitches: Central Oklahoma’s Tyler Crabtree has been hit 82 times (all-time record) over the last 2 seasons, and he explains how he purposely gets hit during games.

• RHP Ryan Perez of Judson University can throw 94 mph from left side and 92 mph from right side and explains how he became such a remarkable pitcher from both sides.

• With 285 NCAA Division I games postponed or cancelled in the first three weeks of the season, along with thousands more on all levels of college baseball, is it time to move the season?

• Michael Pritchard of Nebraska extends his nation-leading on-base streak to 55 games.

• Legendary Dick Birmingham dies after lengthy career in coaching.

• Dr. Tom Hanson explains how to stop white line fever in its tracks with important information.

Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Deflection plays can be tricky during ball games.

NCAA Division 3 Notes: RHP Jake Perkins of Ferrum tosses second no-hitter of season.

Junior College Notes: LHP Josh Hammill of Connors State tosses 2 consecutive no-hitters.

NCAA Division I Notes: Miami (Fla.) RHP Javi Salas fires 20th perfect game in NCAA I history.

• Louisville Slugger’s National Players of The Week announced.

Collegiate Baseball’s National High School Top 30: Owasso, Okla. No. 1 with 38-game winning streak.

High School Notes: A.C. Flora captures International Paper Classic.

NAIA Notes: Oklahoma City’s Chris Pike fires perfect game with 18 strikeouts. At one point, he fanned 14 batters in a row.

• Pitching expert Dr. John Bagonzi passes away at age 83.

NCAA Division II Notes: LHP Matt McClain of St. Mary’s, TX comes within 2 walks of perfect game.

• Pitch Recognition: Southern Illinois’ Peter Fadde gives in-depth analysis of how this can be achieved.

The Art Of Learning: Andy McKay explains the concepts of being a continuous learner and why it is vital for players.

• Charlie Greene explains that the search for an ideal pitching delivery is a daunting quest.

• Play Global! helps game of baseball grow across the world.

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