Oct. 1, 2016 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

oct-1-2016-page-1• Power Of Mind:
Arizona Head Coach Jay Johnson utilizes every trick in the book to make his players better.

• Mandatory Pitch Counts In 2017 For High Schools: Four state associations utilize pitch counts during 2016 season with interesting results.

• Past H.S. Pitching Rules Explored Across USA: From lenient to ultra strict, state associations have had interesting rules to protect the arms of pitchers.

• NCAA Div. I Recruiting Results: Arizona State lands No. 1 class featuring 8 draft picks among big haul.

• Stanford Skipper’s Amazing Career: Mark Marquess gives important tips on what he learned over 40 tears as a baseball coach.

• Lessons From Master Recruiter: Florida’s Kevin O’Sullivan and staff have landed 27 draft picks over the past 4 recruiting seasons.

• Lou Pavlovich: Practical jokes are special in baseball.

• Upcoming Clinics: Superb instructional clinics scheduled across USA.

• Book Reviews: Trio of amazing books (How 2 Focus: The Pitchers Zone, How 2 Focus: The Pitchers Zone and How 2 Focus: Like The Pros) sheds intense light on how the best players in Major League Baseball have been able to focus against the world’s best talent.

Rich MaloneyUpcoming ABCA Convention in Anaheim, Calif. will feature 25 world class instructional clinics.

• Al Figone: Bob McClure once had the best pickoff move in all of baseball.

• Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Obstruction rules for baseball can take different avenues.

• Ryan Brownlee: Managing time for players is crucial in college and can be helped with special Excel Spreadsheet.

• Superb New Products: Here are an assortment of items that are designed to help baseball players.

• Jerry Weinstein: When command vanishes, here is what you can do.

• Charlie Greene: Cardinals’ pitchers’ fielding practice is exceptional.

• USA Baseball: National teams active during summer of 2016.

• Tom Kovic: Parents can play vital role in recruiting process.

• Mike Epstein: Why doesn’t everyone copy swing of Barry Bonds?

• Alex Gaynes: Not investing in muscle memory can hurt athletes severely.

• Jack Dunn: Utilizing clock works like magic in scrimmages.

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