What is a Filter?

A filter, when used during a search, weeds out unwanted web sites and web site pages* leaving only the web sites and web site pages that you are looking for.

*Internet search engines frequently include ALL pages from each web site when you perform a search. A search on a given subject can display hundreds of pages from the same web site, making it impossible for you to find other sites on the subject.

In some cases a particular subject will need a unique filter as searches for that subject seem to bring up unwanted web sites for that subject. For example a search on baseball conferences will bring up all sorts of trade, union, and other "conventions and conferences" which are totally unrelated to baseball conferences. In this area we found the best search results come from searching on "baseball conference".

Our goal is for you to easily find what you are looking for. Filtered searches will provide you with a shorter "quality" list of links.

Searching the internet changes daily as new web sites come online. If you notice that one of our filtered searches is displaying only one web sites' material or is displaying "unwanted" material, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to improve the search link.