Sept. 4, 2015 Collegiate Baseball

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• Questionable Tempo Tactic: NCAA Rules Committee takes first step to prevent pitching coaches from dictating tempo by proposing experimental 20-second clock with runners on base.

Fabulous Ways To Raise Money For Baseball Programs: LSU’s Paul Mainieri explains how his Coaches’ Committee, 250 strong, helps his program thrive.

• Boosters Can Help Tremendously:  ABCA’s Craig Keilitz explains how to handle fund raising from an administrator’s point of view..

• 2015 Summer Baseball Results: Numerous college champions are crowned, including NBC World Series winner, Cape Cod League champion.

• Great Promotions Can Draw Big Crowds:  Another great source of revenue are innovative promotions which Ron Fraser made famous.

USA Baseball Team Results: Collegiate Baseball looks at every team that USA Baseball fielded this summer and how they fared.

• Numerous Coaching Changes Take Place:  CB takes a look at many college jobs that were filled across the USA in regard to head coaches, assistants.

• Is College World Series Too Long?: Incredible event lasts nearly two weeks as championship game suffers lowest turnout in past 25 years.

$10 Million Facility Planned: Vanderbilt approves project to improve enhanced space in Memorial Gym for instruction, team building, coaching and settings that can foster interactions with returning pro players.

2016 High School Rule ChangesCollegiate Baseball goes over all of the important rules for next season.

Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Positives happen when runner creates his own baseline.

Charlie Greene Column: Defending the bunt is a crucial fundamental that must be mastered.

At Death’s Door: Brian Cain presents the moving story of Bryan Kervin and how his knowledge of the mind game helped him grow as an athlete and person who nearly died.

• Building A Pitching Staff: Duke Dickerson explains different models that can catapult a team from being average to great.

• Inaugural Tony Gwynn Classic: Special event in honor of this Hall of Famer scheduled for February of 2016 with 6 quality ball clubs.

Teaching Professional Of The Year: Chicago’s Mark Sheehan has done a remarkable job helping pitchers grow to new levels thanks to his passion for learning.

Special Trip To Columbia: Tim Fanning of Glenwood School (AL) organizes a unique trip to Latin America that introduces baseball to children among other goals.

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