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2008 Editions

Pat Williams on what makes great coaches
Sports psychologist Brian Cain on how to be a special skipper
Coop DeRenne — Mental side of hitting explored
College Preview Section
Tom Hanson — Conquering those nasty yips part 1

2008 ABCA Best of Show — new products
Odyssey of New Orleans’ head coach Tom Walter part 1
Tom Hanson — Explains yips cure part 2
ABCA convention highlights — Philadelphia
HS Preview Section

Science & Baseball — Utilizing brain to its fullest potential — Marty Rubinoff
Given less than a year to live due to terminal brain cancer, Jim Yanko beats odds
Death from direct chest impacts — Dr. Cynthia Bir

Gaining an edge — pre game rituals for pitchers — Brent Kemnitz
Brian Hamilton — Terrifying batting accident
Players save woman from pit bull attack
General Colin Powell — Important leadership qualities
Jack Dunn — Key offensive considerations

Stupendous Stats — Unique subculture devoted to dissecting game
Q.V. Lowe picks up 1,000th win
Amazing turnaround — Tom Walter part 2
Brian Cain — Keys to mental toughness

Batter becomes All-American after beaning to face
53-year-old ball player story
Famous CWS beaning hurts batter and pitcher
Arizona State orders investigation 

Elite Skippers
Gene Stephenson turns bare bones Wichita State into tremendous program
Incredible home run total — Georgia Southern
Rare unassisted triple play — SS Andy White
Avalanche of home runs — Oklahoma City

Gentle genius — Chaparral high school Coach Jerry Dawson
Crown jewel of facilities rests with Owasso (OK) HS
Texas Tech skipper Larry Hays hits 1,000 victory plateau
Perry Husband — How to measure live at bats

Waging all-out war — Jim Brady of Missouri-St. Louis Univ part 1
Jim Spooner asks coaches to learn from his mistakes
Brian Cain on utilizing special mental work
How Brian O’Connor turned Virginia around  

Tortured man — Jim Brady part 2
Notre Dame’s Brett Lilley sets NCAA hit-by-pitch record
New Stadium in Omaha for CWS
LSU’s Skip Bertman on Importance of making videos

High drama at College World Series
College championship rundown
2008 High school All-Americans
2008 NCAA Division I All-American teams

Tough as nails — Fresno State battles through mountain of adversity to claim first national title
College World Series notes
Batesole named Coach of Year
Special College World Series photo pages

Wild Ejections — Baseball has been filled with unique ways to get tossed
Story on Paul Kostacopoulos and the Navy baseball program
Team USA has magical summer
2008 summer baseball results
New NCAA rules for 2009

Special Report — Deadly little secret uncovered with electrocutions at ballparks
Univ of Arizona’s Andy Lopez on Velocity improvement plan
NCAA Division I recruiting rundown

2009 Editions

The art of eye training — Dr. Bill Harrison part 1
Science tackles question of how big leaguers track balls
The danger of pitchers running long distances
Gordie Gillespie — Simply the best skipper ever
College preview section
Scott Forbes — Pitching Coach of the Year

Vision and baseball — Dr Bill Harrison part 2
Top new baseball invention of 2009 spotlighted at San Diego ABCA convention
ABCA convention highlights
2009 HS Preview

New academic report card approved by NCAA will specifically track how coaches perform
Terrifying batting accident
Anthony DeCicco on Using music to train pitchers
Ben Hines talks about hitting

Pitching Coach Fred Corral’s story
Trinity (CT) nearly pulls off the impossible in 2008
Shocking maple bat decision
Rosenboom on training myths

Tour of duty in Iraq for baseball player
Jim Schwanke — Hitter discipline can help teams beat elite pitchers
Historic ruling by Ohio Judge
Will boys start playing softball?

Remarkable brothers — Miles and Mark Hartsfield
$15 million expected to be distributed to federations via World Baseball Classic
2 NCAA Division I programs cut — Vermont and Northern Iowa

102 mph heat — Stephen Strasburg’s story
Severe white line fever issues
New NCAA Division II HBP record set

New Mexico State’s Gary Ward on power of the lowly walk
Devastating tornado doesn’t stop this high school team (Sylvan Hills HS)
Story of LSU Tigers’ revival
Velocity improvement program by Wichita State Pitching Coach Brent Kemnitz

Fabulous charts — Top coaches divulge key stats that reveal important numbers
Ron Wolforth on remarkable training program

Geoff Colvin on What makes great performers?
Augie Garrido on How coaches should discipline their ball players
Historic numbers at Alabama

The Grand Illusion — Miami pulls off ultimate sting operation
College championship rundown
2009 High school & Division I All-Americans 

Near perfection — LSU captures 6th College World Series title
College World Series notes
Mainieri named Coach of Year
Special CWS photo pages

Non-wood composite bat ban
Huge problem hits baseball — New 2.6 grade point average rule is glaring loophole for NCAA Division I coaches to fire non-producing players
Greg Van Zant on re-working the NCAA RPI
2009 summer baseball results
New 2010 high school rules

Bad hop injury problem solved; Jesse Cuevas shares groundskeeping ideas
Alan Jaeger on mental skills
NCAA Division I recruiting rundown
Mike Grady — Is velocity really that crucial?

2010 Editions

How to survive, thrive in baseball  Part 1
Little League equals big money
How championship clubs survived, prospered
John Scolinos dies at age 91
Special college preview section
Pitching Coach of the Year — Jerry Weinstein 

Resilience Vital Part 2
Top new baseball inventions of 2010 at Dallas, TX. ABCA convention
ABCA convention highlights
2010 HS Preview

Fastest paths around bases studied
Battling life’s problems — Story about Dylan Rosnick
H.S. Federation studies national championships for sports, including baseball
Science and baseball study

Cold weather tactics — Tips on keeping warm in frigid weather explored
Wichita State’s Kemnitz explains how pitchers battle cold
Minnesota’s amazing skipper — John Anderson 

Outside edge strikes often missed — Knowledgeable men in game share their reasons for this nagging problem with umpires
Remarkable show of consistency — Britt Smith
Richard Todd — Todd uncovers tremendous information on how brain really functions in sports Part 1
Bill Mooney — Coaching the uncoachable

Utter frustration — Outside strike is much different than inside zone that home plate umpires routinely call
Grand master of the hit-by-pitch — Brandon Bravata
Richard Todd — Brain can be powerful tool when utilized properly in all facets of baseball skills
Baserunner absolutes in game — Jim Bush 

One amazing coach — ASU’s Tim Esmay
Richard Todd — Utilizing the brain in baseball Part 3
Coop DeRenne on choking up on the bat

Secrets of coaching shared by Jerry Stitt, former Arizona head coach
Special love for baseball — Story of Nate Underberg
After interviewing thousands of top coaches, Pat Williams explains styles of the elite

Amazing comeback — Pacific’s Fransen suffers fractured skull after line drive injury; back in 3 weeks
Violation of NCAA rules — Arizona State
Vision training with 150 mph tennis ball machine works remarkably well for hitters

Greatest comeback ever — 58-year-old Larry Hasenfus
The fine art of doctoring baseballs by pitchers — Razor blades, pine tar, Vaseline all give hurlers illegal edge in contests
Remarkable 54-game streak — California State Dominguez Hills

Going off into the sunset — Historic Rosenblatt stadium will host its last College World Series
College championship rundown
High School & Division I Louisville Slugger All-Americans

Tough as nails — South Carolina captures its first national championship
College World Series notes
Tanner named Coach of Year
Special College World Series photo pages

Reduction in power — New bats for 2011 will have less pop, little trampoline effect
Protein drink alert: tests reveal surprising results
New 2011 NCAA & High School rules explored
2010 summer baseball results

Extreme hustle — TCU’s shipper explains why Horned Frogs go all out every play
Nova’s amazing Pat McQuaid is one remarkable innovator
NCAA Division I recruiting rundown
Time management worksheet for college baseball players 

2011 Editions

Shark attack — Story of Clayton Schulz
San Bruno explosion causes Menlo coach anguish
Pitching Coach of the Year — Mark Calvi
College Preview Section
Alan Jaeger and his In-season Throwing Program

Record-shattering event — ABCA convention attracts largest attendance in History at 4,637
Top new baseball inventions spotlighted at Nashville ABCA convention
2011 HS Preview

They call him “Mr. Mayor” — Kosch wins election as he juggles baseball, academics, politics
Robert Heckerl on playing baseball in Seoul, South Korea
Arizona State appeals sanctions
Alan Jaeger — Conditioning arms indoors

ASU’s Deven Marrero overcomes mental torture to become baseball star
Caring coach donates kidney to player
Andy McKay — Ideal emotional state for players
Economic survival for schools

Quicker games, more shutouts — Transformation in game takes place with clock, toned down bats
NMSU’s Gary Ward on how new bats change contests dramatically
Dukes belt 23 homers in 4 tilts
Jim Schwanke on analyzing mistakes via video

Steve Henson on unique motivational techniques
Don Sneddon offers advice on Self-discipline for players
Patrick Pinkman on In-depth pickoff techniques Part 1

Ryan Daniels is poster child for never giving up
Duke Dickerson on whether NCAA Division I teams have bulk of talent
Patrick Pinkman — Lethal pickoff moves explained Part 2
Historic 22-inning ball game

Mike Maack’s lethal move — Unique method virtually shuts down running game of teams
Patrick Pinkman — The gunslinger pickoff move Part 3
Ron Wolforth — Great command can be learned 

Amazing base stealing machine — Benedict College Tigers swipe 739 bags over last 3 seasons
Mike Maack’s Drills for the most lethal move Part 2 

Baseball is simply not war — Joey Falcone witnessed hell in Iraq, Afghanistan as medic
Training for minimal mistakes by Lt. Mike Barge

Anything to get a win — From holy water to dirt spittoons, CWS has seen crazy antics
UCLA’s Bauer named CB’s Player of the Year
College championship rundown
Louisville Slugger HS & Division I All American

Amazing South Carolina does it again
College World Series notes
Tanner named Coach of Year
Special College World Series photo pages 

National High School Federation cracks down on hot bats
NCAA to allow experimental use of instant replay at the 2012 College World Series
2011 summer baseball results
New stadium plans for Arizona and Arizona State

Incredible Streaks — Iowa and New Hampshire coaches discuss how their high school teams have managed record-breaking win streaks.
Annual NCAA Division I recruiting survey
Kent Tekulve on becoming a submarine pitcher
Special Q&A with Ray Tanner, South Carolina skipper, and a changed recruiting philosophy

2012 Editions

Andy Baylock – 2 Million Pitches and Counting

Seton Hall Pitching Coach Phil Cundari uses many progressive concepts (First of a 2-part series)
Alan Jaeger offers 10-minute a day mental skills practice (First of a 2-part series)
Special College Preview Section
Part 2: Kent Tekulve Discusses Submarine Pitching
Top Draftable College Players For 2012

Powerful presentation – Boras lays out plan for 25 full ride scholarships in D-1 baseball

Top new baseball inventions spotlighted at Anaheim ABCA Convention
ABCA Convention Highlights
High School Preview Section, including 2012 Louisville Slugger H.S. All-Americans
Top H.S. Players State-By-State

Dr. Tom Hanson – Moneyball For The Mental Game (First of a 2-part series) (System to track brain performance)

Dr. Coop DeRenne – Baseball’s top researcher tackles bat control
Top 2012 California H.S. Players
Amazing Baseball Products
Brian Cain discusses 10 areas that winners excel in

Remarkable Hitter – With only 1 hand, Dillon Coleman of Gordon College belts 3 homers over 8-day span

Dr. Tom Hanson – Moneyball For The Mental Game (Second of 2-part series). (Test can reveal key information)
Q&A With Coach Ray Tanner of South Carolina
Cancer Sidelines Pacific Lutheran’s Max Beatty

Tommy John Surgery – Dr. Lewis Yocum explains all facets of elbow reconstruction

Despite being blind in one eye, Madison Area Tech’s Tanner Vavra excels
Cancer Surgery Successful for San Diego Skipper Tony Gwynn
Baseball Food From Heaven: How To Prepare Best Tasting Hot Dog

Ultimate Mental Mine Field: What Free Solo Mountain Climber Alex Honnold Can Teach Baseball

Incredible Scoreless Streak by Texas State Pitchers
Hit-By-Pitch Specialist Phil Imholte of St. Cloud State Explains His 2-Year Record
Part II Practice Organization from Hall of Fame Skipper Ed Cheff of Lewis-Clark State

Cheating Death – Pima College’s Will Holbrook overcomes fractured neck, Tommy John surgery

15-year-veteran Brent Mayne explains how to get the most out of catching position
Will Cold Weather Schools Bolt? Potential proposal by some northern schools

Head First Sliding – Is it more dangerous then going feet first into bases? (First of a 2-part series) (Also includes story of ASU’s Cory Hahn who became paralyzed after sliding head first)

Remarkable Bishop Gorman H.S & how the program became a success

Head first vs. feet first sliding – Al Figone delves into history, effectiveness of these 2 vital slides (Part 2)

Injuries haunt gifted player, Brandon Trodick of Kansas Wesleyan
Hall of Fame coaches explain how to achieve team chemistry
Amazing 47-Game Hitting Streak by Southeast Missouri State’s Kenton Parmley
1,000 Victory Plateau Reached by Rich Hofman, a Florida HS skipper

Nearly impossible to strike out – Maxx Tissenbaum fans only 3 times in 150 at-bats over 42 games

Remarkable streak stretches over 10 games – Missouri State’s Nick Petree doesn’t surrender earned run in 64 2/3 innings
More On Sliding Techniques by Al Figone
Westmont’s Mitch Crocker Throws Records 3 Wins In 25 Hours

Incredible courage – Players play through broken bones, tremendous pain to compete in College World Series

Division I Championship Rundown
2012 Louisville Slugger All-America Teams
23rd Annual All-Pavlovich Team

Arizona plays near flawless baseball to win NCAA D1 title

College World Series Notes
Arizona’s Andy Lopez Named Coach Of Year
Special CWS Photo Pages

Use illegal bats, go to prison? New rules for H.S. baseball

Epidemic of elbow, shoulder injuries: $1.9 Billion lost in MLB salaries from injuries
2012 Summer Baseball Results
Serious NBC World Series Problems, Future In Jeapordy

Amazing show of stamina – Arizona’s 3 starters throw 5,675 pitches, 16 complete games

NCAA Division I Recruiting Rundown
Special Q&A With Mental Expert Geoff Miller, author of Intangibles
Al Figone explains sliding technique to minimize injuries

2013 Editions

Dissecting hitting performance – Gary Ward explains a precision approach to tracking this vital area

Former NY Yankee star Scott Brosius explains how to reach the Big Leagues
Arizona’s Shaun Cole wins 2012 Pitching Coach of Year with fabulous techniques
Special College Preview Section
Rio Hondo’s Mike Salazar shares his unique methods that allow his players to win big
Top Draftable College Players for 2013

Batting Discipline – Hitting Guru Gary Ward delves into this important area of game

Twelve inventions named top new products at Chicago ABCA convention
ABCA Convention Highlights
Special HS Preview, including 2013 Louisville Slugger HS All-America team

Ron Fraser, Baseball’s All-Time Innovator, Dies – Remarkable coach staged the greatest promotions in college baseball history during career.

Gallaudet players gut it out in freezing weather with special Navy Seal Training
Practical jokers are everywhere in baseball
Terrific New Baseball Books, CD

Arizona’s James Farris’ family battles cancer

Buena Vista’s Ryan Scheetz travels over 50,000 miles in 2 crazy years – Goes to Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Nepal, Uganda, South Sudan
10-Year Losing Streak Over for Caltech
Pitchers Utilize Everything to gain an edge

One in a million – Misericordia’s Andy Gonzalez suffers broken neck in car accident, but is back

America’s toughest place to win games is Caltech
Justin Dehmer explains Quality At Bats and how to track it
Incredible hitting achievement by Kentucky’s J.T. Riddle

Amazing story of Andy Lopez – Great coach recovers from dead end youth and deaths of friends

Should fans have legal rights if hit by foul balls during games?
Hitting discipline paying off big with highly successful ball clubs in 2013 season
Wichita State’s Gene Stephenson built program from nothing
Interpreting The Rule Book by Rich Marazzi

Huge Value of Sleep – Proper rest can help motor muscle memory, said Dr. James Maas (First of a 2-part series)

Washington University-St. Louis player Max Golembo mixes baseball, Judo skills
Who Needs Olympic Baseball When We Have The World Baseball Classic?
Andy McKay delves into the value of the mental game

Power of Proper Sleep: Athletic performances Can Be Enhanced With Simple Routines (Second of a 2-part series)

Program Focus: The Woodlands (TX) HS Coach Eastman Builds Powerhouse
Concussions can cause major problems if care is not utilized in recovery by Al Figone & Judy Karren
Florida Utilizes Swimming To Help Pitchers Stay Healthy, Recover Quicker
Exploring How the Japanese Do Spring Training

Value of Pitch Counts: Are Hurlers Being Coddled Too Much In Games Today?

New Mexico’s Birmingham Explains His Training Techniques & How To Unify Team
Preparing For Massive Disasters At Baseball Games
Justin Dehmer Discusses Disciplining Players & Sticking to Principals When Streak Is On The Line

Destroying A Legend: Eastern Connecticut State Administrators Go After Coach Bill Holowaty

Kris Bryant of San Diego Leads Country in Homers, Slugging Percentage & Walks
Tom Hanson Explains How to Reset Mind to Conquer Terrible Slumps, The Yips
Remembering John Scolinos of Cal Poly Pomona
American Legion Skipper Alex Gaynes Discusses His Formula For Winning Games

Power Outage: BBCOR Bats Have Dramatically reduced Offense at College World Series

3B Kris Bryant of the University of San Diego Named Collegiate Baseball’s National Player of the Year
2013 College World Series Preview of the Final 8 Teams
Louisville Slugger NCAA Division I & HS All-American Teams
The Results of All The College Division National Tournaments

UCLA Wins Its First National Baseball Title With Stunning Display of Pitching

All The Highlights from the 2013 College World Series including 4 photo pages.
UCLA Skipper John Savage Named National Coach of the Year
UCLA’s David Berg Posts NCAA Record 24 Saves

UCLA’s TJ Bruce Discuses The Secrets of Superb Infield Play — Part 1

Dave Keilitz, ABCA Executive Director, Announces Retirement
A Review On Flat Seam Ball and Vote By Division I Coaches
2013 Summer Baseball Results
Glenn Cecchini of Barbe HS Talks About His Amazing Pitching Chart

UCLA’s TJ Bruce Discusses The Essential Areas of Infield Play — Part 2

Crespi HS Skipper Scott Muckey Explains How to Convert Pitchers to Low Sidearm and Submarine Pitchers
East Central’s Chris Lane Gunned Down in Senseless Killing in Oklahoma
Annual NCAA Division I Recruiting Survey
UCLA’s John Savage Talks About His Thoughts on Developing Pitchers
Steve Spring Shares His Knowledge on Become A Productive Hitter

2014 Editions

1/3/14 (2014 National College Preview Edition)
Jan 3, 2014 Page 1 Small






1/24/14 (2014 National H.S. Preview Issue)
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